The President’s Approval Rating Plunges to the 30’s in One Poll!

The President’s Approval Rating Plunges to the 30’s in One Poll. No One is Surprised.


We’ve all seen the Gallup Poll telling us that Trump’s approval rating is about 35% right now. If you haven’t, I assume you’ve been living under a rock. Gallup calls this rating “unusually low, unusually early.” This is the part where any reasonable person has their face twisted up in a very confused expression.

Why confusion?

Every rational person knew that his approval ratings were going to be lower than the collective IQ of a sack of wet quarters.

Trump’s Ten-Week Circus Is Still Going Strong

In the first ten weeks of his presidency, this man has literally done everything he can to benefit himself and only himself. He tried to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid, the very programs that his voters rely on for medical treatment. But his support group is so blinded by the lies he keeps spewing out, they actually believe Trumpcare would have benefited them greatly. It wouldn’t have. In fact, the exact opposite would have happened: they would have died prematurely because they couldn’t afford to get the healthcare and medications they desperately need.

There’s one way to cull the herd.

While Obamacare has its failures (including fining people for not having medical insurance), over 20 million Americans gained access to healthcare under the ACA. Conversely, over 20 million Americans would have lost their health insurance under Trumpcare. And, since Republicans are known for not supporting government aid programs, it stands to reason that they would do everything in their power to cut the legs out from under any program that benefited the poor, handicapped and senior citizens.

Have you seen that wacky budget proposal the Donald sent to Congress? Let’s put all of our money into military and defense while our citizens go hungry and die of preventable diseases.

There’s another way to cull the herd.

Oh but Don is totally for the American people. He really is. I mean, it’s very obvious that everything he’s done up until this point was to benefit this nation. Let’s recap, shall we?

He has two failed travel bans for citizens from Middle Eastern countries. And yet, he has businesses in the Middle East. The countries where his businesses are aren’t affected by the travel ban. Their citizens are fully allowed to be here, but the rest of them are not.

He fired Sally Yates, the previous attorney general, for not supporting his travel ban. Yes, people. POTUS actually threw a hissy fit because someone didn’t support his decision that was 100% only beneficial to him. If it was really about banning Muslims from entering the country, Trump would have banned the entire Middle East, and not just countries he cherry-pick because he happens to have business ties with them.
He tried to replace Obamacare with Trumpcare. We’ve already discussed this, but just to reiterate, he failed. Miserably.
He proposed a budget that would cut everything that helps the American people, including after-school programs. “There’s no evidence” that these programs actually work, is the excuse.
He actually repealed the climate policies set by Obama. This man claims that he’s going to bring back coal. He seems quite ignorant to the fact that coal jobs no longer exist, and other countries are using solar power as a source of energy. Guys, Chile is more advanced than we are as a country as far as energy is concerned. That’s like a guy in a wheelchair winning a race against an Olympic gold medalist.
How embarrassing is that?

Do we really need to go into the wiretapping fiasco and the Russian investigations (yes, plural) going on against him right now? Michael Flynn is ready to testify against this man. Why testify and ask for immunity if nothing happened? Trump claims this is a witch hunt, and the media is way too focused on him to talk about important things like the color of Hillary Clinton’s hair four years ago, but if that were the case, then why does one need immunity?

But let’s not get off topic.

So, after that very brief overview of what the President has done since he’s been inaugurated, can we reasonably conclude that there is a selfish, 16-year-old teenage girl in charge of the country right now?

No, but only because a teenage girl has way more control of her emotions than he does.

He Did Manage to Do Some Goo – Oh Wait. No He Didn’t.

But given everything that was just listed, are you actually surprised his approval rating dropped down to the 30’s?

If you are, I’m surprised you can breathe on your own. This man has literally done the exact opposite of everything he has promised – with the exception of trying to get that ridiculous wall built between the US and Mexico.

That’s not going too well either. Republicans are backing out on that quick, especially since he asked for $1billion to build 62 miles of a wall that needs to be 1,954 miles long. The total estimated cost is $67billion dollars. No one is sure where that money is going to come from, not even the gullible companies bidding to build the wall.

For perspective, Trump’s approval rating is so low that Nixon had higher approval ratings during Watergate. Bush had higher approval ratings during Katrina. Do you see where this is going?

Trump hasn’t even been implicated in anything. He’s simply being investigated. It’s doubtful that has anything to do with his approval rating. It could be a combination of any number of things he’s done. It could be the fact that he doesn’t actually care about the nation. It could be the fact that he hasn’t fulfilled any one of promises. It could be the fact that he lies more than a cat on a rug.

Maybe it’s just the fickle American public.

Who knows?

The fact still remains that there is absolutely zero evidence of this man doing something positive for the nation—aside from the jobs he’s created.

Oh wait. He didn’t do that either.

Not to mention the fact that while the Democratic party mostly remains untied (mostly), the Republican party is in shambles. It’s completely divided against itself. So if you thought that they would be united in making decisions for the country, you were completely wrong.Don’t feel too bad though. Trump still has a lot of supporters who still hold onto the dream that he is going to make America great again.

The rest of us in reality already know that’s not about to happen.

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