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2408, 2022

Our ‘Not So’ Religious Agenda

By |August 24th, 2022|

Since organizing the Reform-Now Project, specifically our initiative to "SAVE OUR SCHOOLS," we have faced concern and misunderstanding about our motivations regarding public school issues and reform. We make it no secret that our Reform-NOW Project is Christian-founded and Christian-oriented regarding reform within the church and the community's impact. However, our [Read More ...]

2308, 2022


By |August 23rd, 2022|

The “SAVE OUR SCHOOLS” movement was started to safeguard our children’s future. If you are interested in your child’s future, you should join the movement. The Maryland State Department of Education has redesigned culture-changing standards that will replace the culture of your home and community. These changes are made, and [Read More ...]

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