August 21, 2022

School Initiative Gets A Facelift

Written By: admin


Thanks to the consultation of our peers, and community feedback we have learned that our visual presentation for our school related initiative was in need of a serious facelift. We are making sweeping changes across our website to clarify the purpose of what was known as the “SAVE OUR CHILDREN” Initiative. We have chosen to rename this initiative “SAVE OUR SCHOOLS”. We felt that the words save our children were a little to far reaching for the purpose, and by focusing on the school as the center point would be more purpose oriented. By Saving The Schools, we are working to protect ‘or save’ the children.

We have chosen to utilize imagery of happy children because, after all they are what it is all about. Many didn’t understand our fallow ground and crops theme we started out with. But any great work for good is always a work in progress.

We hope you find the new presentation or understandable, and as always we welcome your thoughts and feedback on the Reform-NOW Contact Page.