August 24, 2022

Our ‘Not So’ Religious Agenda

Written By: admin

Since organizing the Reform-Now Project, specifically our initiative to "SAVE OUR SCHOOLS," we have faced concern and misunderstanding about our motivations regarding public school issues and reform. We make it no secret that our Reform-NOW Project is Christian-founded and Christian-oriented regarding reform within the church and the community's impact. However, our "SAVE OUR SCHOOLS" initiative is a matter of concern for the greater community. We don't deny that we wish to impact the lives of people with Christian values, but forcing these values is not our objective.

We believe that to address the problems we face within our churches, we must also address the issues we face in our communities. Therefore, our primary concern is the deterioration of family values and parental rights. We are also gravely concerned about the indoctrination of our children. Political interest profers agendas that should have no place in any classroom, regardless of religious belief, political affiliation, or family structure.

Our organization and the ministry that sponsors it 'which I lead' make it clear that we do not support the LGBTQIA+ agenda. We do not believe the classroom is appropriate for children to be taught topics such as but not limited to transgender-ism and gender identity. Such issues and conversations should be parent-directed, not school-directed, especially with younger children. The sexual orientation or beliefs of the parents or the family structure are not the initiative's focus; the venue of education and acceptance of these topics is.

Our "SAVE OUR SCHOOLS" initiative is against the teaching of "Critical Race Theory," also known as CRT. Because of our position on this, we have been accused of being racist. Our ministry, projects, and initiatives stand firmly that no racial group or culture is beneath or more worthy than another. We believe the CRT concept is misleading, misguided, and inherently dangerous to our communities because of its divisional design.

I hope this article clears the confusion on our motivation to "SAVE OUR SCHOOLS" for our communities' greater well-being and health.

adminReform NOW Project Overseer