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The Reform NOW Project

Rick Cech

Ext. 1003


September 22, 2022


On September 20th, 2022, The SAVE OUR SCHOOLS Initiative of the Reform NOW Project launched an email survey campaign directed at all School Board Candidates listed as active through the Maryland Board of Elections.

"The purpose of this survey is to obtain data for us to populate a scorecard for these candidates on issues our organization believes affect all of our communities.", said Pastor Steve Hofmeister. Pastor Hofmeister is the Senior Pastor of the ministry that sponsors the Reform NOW Project.

The SAVE OUR SCHOOLS Initiative asked the candidates to reply yes/no to the following questions on the short survey:

1.) Should Local Schools change the curriculum without parental consent?

2.) Does the Maryland State Department of Education Health Curriculum oversexualize the students?

3.) Are you concerned that the history of America is being changed?

4.) Do you believe parents should have the opportunity to receive funding for school choice?

As the survey responses are received, they will be populated by County on the Reform NOW Project's website at Each candidate is given a box on each county page containing their contact information and responses to these questions. They are also given a chance to make a short comment to be posted as well as their photo.

Pastor Hofmeister Stated, "School Board Candidates in Maryland are encouraged to check their spam and junk filters for this email as we have received reports that some email providers are flagging the email."

Pastor Hofmeister continued, "Candidates who do not respond to the survey will still be listed, but with notation that they were 'Non-Respondent'."

Additional Information:

Started in 2022, The SAVE OUR SCHOOLS Initiative is a “Community Action Movement” focused on issues in our public school systems that affect all members of our communities regardless of political affiliation, religious beliefs, or lifestyle.

‘SAVE OUR SCHOOLS‘ is an initiative of The Reform NOW Project. The Reform NOW Project’s focus is reform within our Christian Church Communities.

The Reform NOW Project is a nonpartisan, non-denominational, volunteer-driven organization recognizing that issues within our communities need attention outside the church. These exterior issues affect our interior ability to reform our church communities.

The Reform NOW Project and THE ‘SAVE OUR SCHOOLS‘ Initiative are not about religious influence in the Public School Systems. Our function is to protect our children from curriculum and policies that we believe are not in the best interest of All Students. And to hold School Board Members accountable for their responsibility to parents and students.

The Reform NOW Project is a community project of Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland.

The ‘SAVE OUR SCHOOLS’ Initiative operates independently from the religious/ecumenical functions of Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland.

The Reform NOW Project and the SAVE OUR SCHOOLS Initiative are Directed by Rick Cech. Rick Cech serves as Chief Elder of Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland. Rick is a retired school teacher and administrator from both the private and public school systems.