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August 23rd, 2022|

The “SAVE OUR SCHOOLS” movement was started to safeguard our children’s future. If you are interested in your child’s future, you should join the movement.

The Maryland State Department of Education has redesigned culture-changing standards that will replace the culture of your home and community. These changes are made, and “PARENTS ARE NOT INFORMED.” We, the body of tax-paying parents, object to educational changes that parents do not first approve of. For example, enforcing transgender instruction upon parents with primary-age children and leaving the parent a “NO-OPT OUT” option seems unlawful and offensive to us, the parents. Even introducing literature into the middle school media centers that promote homosexual gratification to children as young as twelve years old violates any guideline of “age and moral appropriateness.”

We, the parents, want our perspectives heard and discussed in public forums,