Parent & Community Involvement

The issues of concern to the “SAVE OUR SCHOOLS” Initiative are indeed community issues.  Even if you don’t have children in school, these issues impact not only the children’s future but the future of our communities.

As a community member, we encourage you to join our email list so you can stay informed on the developments happening within our schools that impact our communities.  We request the same from community leaders and political officials/candidates.  Help us protect our children from decisive indoctrination in our classrooms.

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Leaders & Volunteers

We are actively looking for volunteers and leaders to help grow and spread the word for this initiative. If you would be interested in being and active part in this cause, or would like to volunteer your time. Please fill out the following form.

Pastors & Religious Leaders

We make it no secret that our “SAVE OUR SCHOOLS” Initiative is based on Christian roots.  But we don’t approach this as a ‘religious’ concept.  We see this as a community issue, requiring a community response.  Regardless of belief, or family structure, we stand on the position that discussing gender identity, transgenderism, homosexuality, and promiscuity, is inappropriate for the classroom, especially in our Elementary classrooms.

But as a Christian-based initiative, we are also reaching out to form a coalition of church and ministry leaders to stand against these policies and activities in our schools.  If you are a Pastor of a local church or ministry and would like to align yourself with our cause.  Please fill out the form below.