Our Plan of Action Has Three Functional Parts

What The Reform-NOW Project will do:

  • * We will collaborate with organizations such as:

  •  * Seek, search, and identify political candidates that support a Christ-centered view for just governance
  • * Announce candidates that support our initiatives on our website for the discernment of the People.
  • * Provide special event speakers

  • * Provide signage and other promotional material at a reasonable cost.

  • * Provide brochures – with free license to make copies

What The “Church” can do:

  • * Pastors can join our Pastoral Coalition and show support for our initiatives

  • * Preach sermons and (if you choose) share them with the Reform-NOW Project so we can link them to the appropriate initiative.
  • * Engage your members in neighborhood Initiatives

  • * Create a community of faith with other Pastors and encourage them to join our Pastoral Coalition

  • * Call for joint prayer meetings and family activities and share ideas

  • * Request special speakers to support Church Reform

  • * Refer members to Reform-Now.org for information and our list of election candidates that support the Christian Values we are defending.

What a Parent/Individual can do:

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