Rev. Steven D. Hofmeister

Reaching For Reformation

Pastor Steve Hofmeister shares his perspective on the real-time need for modern-day reform within the greater Christian Church and Community

Our ‘Not So’ Religious Agenda

August 24th, 2022|

Since organizing the Reform-Now Project, specifically our initiative to “SAVE OUR SCHOOLS,” we have faced concern and misunderstanding about our motivations regarding public school issues and reform. We make it no secret that our Reform-NOW Project is Christian-founded and Christian-oriented regarding reform within the church and the community’s impact. However, our “SAVE OUR SCHOOLS” initiative is a matter of concern for the greater community. We don’t deny that we wish to impact the lives of people with Christian values, but forcing these values is not our objective.

We believe that to address the problems we face within our churches, we must also address the issues we face in our communities. Therefore, our primary concern is the deterioration of family values and parental rights. We are also gravely concerned about the indoctrination of our children. Political interest [Read More …]