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Parent Advisory Movement

We Support Local Parent Control In Our Local Schools

The “SAVE OUR SCHOOLS MOVEMENT” was started when our ministry received information that there were new policies introduced and put into action within our Public School System that we feel are detrimental to children, family, and community well-being.

These policies popularize and educate on topics that should be discussed within the home culture and not the classroom such as homosexuality, transgenderism, and instructing children that their gender may not be correct.

We also learned that there is disturbing literature in the school media centers (libraries) as early as elementary school graphically and literally depicting homosexuality and promiscuity.

Communicating with our fellow church, ministry, and community leaders, as well as several candidates and political officials, it was identified that there was a critical need to bring attention to these policies and the disturbing findings that have been discovered as a result.

These discoveries have become a common point for discussion and the development of an interdenominational coalition of Pastors and Lay-leaders with the common goal of combatting the indoctrination and sexual grooming of our children.

What Is Parent Control?

Suppose you are one of those parents interested in your child’s future. The best means for securing a good education is to have parental control over local schools. In that case, let us,, partner with you, the parent.

The Maryland State Department of Education has redesigned culture-changing standards that will replace the culture of your home and community. Schools readily make changes, and “PARENTS ARE NOT INFORMED.” We, the body of tax-paying parents, believe we are privileged stakeholders in the educational process and should be privy to changes in curriculum after our approval. For example, enforcing transgender instruction upon parents with primary-age children and leaving the parent a “NO-OP-OUT” option seems unlawful and offensive to us, the parents. Even introducing literature into the middle school media centers that promote homosexual gratification to children as young as twelve years old is offensive. It violates any guideline of “age and moral appropriateness.”

We, the parents, want our perspectives heard and discussed in public forums, perhaps in a Town Hall style format. We seek school reform. Social engineering that exempts the significant stakeholders is akin to fascism. Who are the stakeholders? These include parents, neighbors, the faith community, the local business community, and the significant “one nation under God.,” to whom we pledge. School Reform should look like the following:

  1. Parents and extended families of children expect the freedom to provide input for a quality education that trains students to be productive members of our communities.
  2. Neighbors are interested in civil, civic-minded, and moral citizens.
  3. Pastors of all local faith organizations would appreciate public schools providing a good, non-sectarian view of community life and not an anti-sectarian philosophy. Leave vain philosophies of socialism out of schools and leave the teaching of faith to institutions of religion.
  4. Finally, the business community needs to hire local workers with excellent transitional skills, a work ethic, and human fairness. Hiring new laborers in a growing economy is a necessity. And having our children employed is equally necessary.

Children’s focus needs to return to the three R’s and not on social reform that infuses transgender, CRT, and hyper-sexual literature. Personal issues on sexuality and gender should be under the unique purview of parents behind closed doors at home. They should never be open-aired topics in classrooms of impressionable, primary-grade children.

We, the people, advocate for “SCHOOL REFORM OR SCHOOL CHOICE.”

Join us for free information on news updates, events, and parent action meetings.

Your Community Servant,

Rick Cech
Director Reform NOW

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In a review conducted by an organized group of local parents, identified as “Concerned Parents of Harford CountyTitled:

What agenda does the Maryland State Board of Education wish you will never find out?

  1. The grooming of children in the early childhood (K-2) in their doctrine of transgenderism. Below are partial clips from the Harford County group of concerned parents presented to the Health Curriculum Department.

“We have reviewed the Maryland Comprehensive Health Education Framework: Pre-K through High School, specifically the Family Life and Human Sexuality Standards. In our review, it has been identified that as early as 5 years of age or Pre-K, a student will be instructed about gender identification. In addition, that people express themselves in different ways, again this pertains to sexuality. These decisions and discussions must remain with the parents and families, not for a government run entity that uses our tax paying dollars to promote their own agenda. These topics are inappropriate for the development of our youngest students at the very least and should not be introduced by this Board of Education, or HCPS.”

Maryland State Curriculum Standards

Gender identity and expression

Differentiate between sex assigned at birth, gender identity, and gender expression. 1c.HS1.6

Examine the impact of gender expression and gender identity on members of marginalized communities and analyze the intersectionality of race, culture, and gender for members of those communities. 1c.HS2.5

Gender identity and expression

Define sex assigned at birth, gender identity, and gender expression. 1c.6.4

Compare sex assigned at birth and gender identity and explain how they may or may not differ. 1c.7.5


  1. The issue of uncensored, unbridled sexual grooming is problematic to health and directly seeds the carnal imagination for self-gratification of sexual appetites of teens without parental consent.

Sexual health

Identify solo, vaginal, anal, and oral sex along with possible outcomes of each. 1c.7.13

Describe the state and federal laws related to minors’ access to sexual healthcare services, including pregnancy and STI/HIV prevention, testing, care, and treatment. 1c.8.15

Sexually explicit media

Identify the impact sexually explicit media can have on one’s body image, expectations about sex, relationships, and self-esteem. 1c.6.9

Describe the state and federal laws that impact young people’s sexual health and rights, ability to give and receive sexual consent, and engagement with sexually explicit media. 1c.8.18

Source: Provided to us by: Concerned Parents of Harford County – Obtained under THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT, 5 U.S.C. § 552


The SAVE OUR SCHOOLS Initiative is a “Community Action Movement” focused on issues in our public school systems that affect all members of our communities regardless of political affiliation, religious beliefs, or lifestyle.

SAVE OUR SCHOOLS‘ is an initiative of The Reform NOW Project. The Reform NOW Project’s focus is reform within our Christian Church Communities.

The Reform NOW Project is a nonpartisan, non-denominational, volunteer driven organization that recognizes that issues within our communities need attention outside of the church. These issues though exterior, affect our interior ability to reform our church communities.

The Reform NOW Project and THE ‘SAVE OUR SCHOOLS‘ Initiative are not about religious influence in the Public School Systems. Our function is to protect our children from curriculum and policies that we believe are not in the best interest of All Students. And to hold School Board Members accountable for their responsibility to parents and students.

The Reform NOW Project is a community project of Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland.

The ‘SAVE OUR SCHOOLS’ Initiative operates independently from the religious/ecumenical functions of Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland.

Click the image below to open the full document

Maryland State Department of Education – Health Education Framework

(According to our current knowledge to date),

there is no option to “opt-out” a child from this curriculum until after Grade 3 in Harford County Public Schools

We encourage you to look at Page 22 onward in the Maryland Comprehensive Health Education Framework: Pre-Kindergarten through High School document produced by the Maryland Department of Education.
We draw you attention to Page 22 onward and remind you these are policies CURRENTLY in place for Pre-K through High School. We have had people fixate on page 22, but the real issues begin after this page.

You can review the entire document by clicking on the Cover thumbnail.

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Below are examples of:

  • School/Homework Assignments
  • Books & Excerpts from them, found in our children’s school media centers (aka Libraries)
  • Etc.

that have been provided to us from our own research and outside sources.

School/Homework Assignments

PARENTS: If your child has assignment materials/homework similar to these, please send us a scan or photo of it to

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Books Currently In Our Public School Media Centers (Libraries)

We strongly encourage your viewing discretion as much of this is very disturbing

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Exhibit 1 – Gender Queer
Exhibit 2 – Gender Queer

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Exhibit 1 – Lawn Boy
Exhibit 2 – Lawn Boy

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Exhibit 1 – All Boys Aren’t Blue
Exhibit 2 – All Boys Aren’t Blue
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